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Community Development Commission Department


Welcome to the Community Development Commission Department

Comprised of Economic Development, Housing, and the West Covina Successor Agency, The Community Development Commission (CDC) is dedicated to enhance the economic base of the City through the elimination of blight, the revitalization of the existing properties, the attraction and retention of businesses, and provide for affordable housing for its residents. With the dedicated City Council, and a visionary City Manager, the City of West Covina formed the West Covina CDC and has become one of the most respected, aggressive and proactive agencies in California. With highly trained and experienced professionals the City of West Covina CDC believes in a "CAN DO" positive attitude and strives to provide top-quality customer service for businesses and residents. After the elimination of all Redevelopment Agencies by the State in February 2012, the CDC under Economic Development continues to work with developers, property owners, and businesses to develop new projects and rehabilitate and/or expand existing developments. These public/private joint ventures may involve the construction of new infrastructure and/or the assemblage of land or alternatives for project financing. A majority of the developments in West Covina, many of which are now integral parts of the Community, are results of successful past projects which includes the Plaza West Covina Mall, Eastland Center, Lakes office complex, Wells Fargo Tower, Nogales Medical Offices, West Covina Auto Plaza, Lakes Entertainment Center, The Heights, The Curve and the Big League Dreams Sportsplex.

Economic Development
In pursuing its Economic Development goals, the CDC has established West Covina as an attractive City to do business in. Not only is West Covina ideal for its centralized location, convenient freeway access and its thriving business community, but also West Covina cultivates a highly pro-business government. As a service-oriented "CAN DO" department, the CDC is aimed at collaborating with businesses and local property owners to ensure the vitality and growth of the City’s economic base through the promotion and attraction of new businesses and investment to the community as well as assisting existing business to expand. The City of West Covina won the Most Business Friendly City, 2011 award.

Housing is a vital component of the CDC, aimed at increasing and preserving affordable housing in West Covina. Partnering with housing developers, the CDC works towards developing new affordable housing opportunities for residents. CDC also monitors and administers the affordability covenants of various affordable housing projects such as Lark Ellen, Promenade, Mauna Loa, Heritage Park, and Senior Villas I and II.

Successor Agency
In the aftermath of the elimination of redevelopment, The City of West Covina’s Successor Agency of the West Covina Redevelopment (Successor Agency) was established to unwind the operations of the former redevelopment agency, as dictated under the redevelopment elimination legislation (AB 1x26 and AB 1484). The Successor Agency is charged with repaying existing indebtedness, completing performance of existing contractual obligations, and otherwise winding down operations and preserving agency assets for the benefit of taxing agencies. The actions of the Successor Agency is regulated by a seven member Oversight Board, as required by the State. 

Benefits of CDC efforts go beyond the physical additions of new centers, businesses, and housing opportunities. Over the past years, the CDC completed numerous development projects that have attributed an estimated amount in excess of $266 million dollars in projects valuation, provided the City with an estimated amount of over $3.5 million dollars in new sales tax per year and $1.1 million in annual net new property tax increment. This has led to the creation of approximately 3,500 new jobs. Revenues generated from CDC’s efforts help pay for essential City services such as Police, Fire, and Parks.

Through collaboration and partnerships with developers, property owners, businesses and the community, the CDC will continue to encourage development, rehabilitate deteriorating centers, attract and expand businesses, develop and increase the affordable housing stock within the City.