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Permitted Improvements
Home Improvement Loan Program
Permitted Improvements

Exterior Painting
Termite Fumigation and Repair
Sewer Hook-up
Air conditioning*
Double Cylinder Locks
Water Heaters
Garage Door Opener*
Smoke Detectors
Structural Repairs
Attic Insulation
Stucco, Plaster
Sidewalk, Driveway Repairs
Interior Painting
Handicap Modifications
Cement Entryways and Walks
Tree trimming, Landscaping
Pool Safety Devices
Bedroom Additions or Enlargements*
Code Violations

Definitions Of Eligible Home Improvements
Any code violations must be corrected along with the listed home improvements. The following definitions have been prepared for the purpose of clarifying the described various home improvements that are eligible under the City's Home Improvement Program.

SMOKE DETECTORS. Must be installed if the home does not have any.

EXTERIOR PAINTING. (House and garage). Must be undertaken if needed as determined by the Program Coordinator and /or Community Enhancement Staff.

ROOFING. Repair and replacement of roofing (Building permit required).

DRIVEWAY. Repair and replacement of existing driveway. (Engineering permit required on apron.)

SEWER LINE HOOK-UP. Hooking up to the sewer system and repair of sewer lines are eligible.

PLASTERING, SIDING, STUCCO. The plastering or installation of stucco and siding to a home to improve and extend its life is eligible. Also, repairs, patching, and filling holes in the surfaces of walls is eligible.

TEXTURE COATING. For exterior of house and garage.

PAINTING. Painting of the exterior and interior of homes is eligible.

FENCING/BLOCK WALLS. Repair and installation of fencing/block walls is permitted only when these face a street, alley, park or certain other public facilities. (Planning permit.)

WINDOWS. Repair and replacement of windows is permitted, from wood to aluminum. Enlargement of windows is permitted only if the existing window area is below building code standards, and only to the extent needed to bring it up to code.

RAIN GUTTERS. Installation of rain gutters around house and garage.

GARAGE DOORS. Repair or replacement of garage doors. Replacement of broken springs.

ELECTRICAL. Repair and upgrading of electrical system. (Electrical permit.) Fixtures are not eligible.

* See restrictions under Definitions.


  • Repair of leaking pipes and fixtures.
  • Repair of shower pans.
  • Replacement of shower doors/enclosures (no shower curtains).
  • Replacement of worn/broken tile (to protect walls) in shower stalls and in bathtub area adjacent to tub/shower.
  • Replacement of worn fixtures (no gold-plated fixtures.)
  • Replacement of damaged flooring with like or similar material.
  • Replacement of damaged toilets, bathtubs, sinks.
  • Broken bathroom heaters may be repaired or replaced in place.

  • Repair of leaking pipes and fixtures.
  • Repair or replacement of damaged tile and sinks.
  • Replacement of damaged flooring with like or similar material.
  • Replacement of garbage disposal unit.

WATER HEATER REPLACEMENT. Replacement of old/worn-out water heater. Whenever possible, water heaters should be reinstalled outside the home at the proper height. (Mechanical permit required.) Water heater enclosures and covers are also eligible items.

HEATING. Repair or replacement of existing heating systems.

ENERGY CONSERVATION AND INSULATION. Repair and replacement of attic ventilators, weather stripping around doors/windows, hot water heater blankets, energy efficient shower heads, faucets. Permanent improvements directed toward weatherizing a home to conserve or reduce energy are generally eligible. These include wall and attic insulation, solar panels, attic ventilators, and fans.

DEADBOLT LOCKS (on entrance doors). Installation of double cylinder deadbolt locks is permitted if doors are "solid core." Windows in the solid core doors are not permitted.

HANDICAP-ORIENTED MODIFICATIONS. All modifications, alterations, or additions oriented to facilitate access and use of the home by the disabled are eligible. These include installation of ramps, grab bars, door widening, countertop adjustments, and other adaptive measures.

YARD CLEAN UP. Includes all work needed to remove overgrown vegetation, debris, and trash.

AIR CONDITIONING. Installation of air conditioning is eligible only for medical reasons. A doctor's certificate stating the need for air conditioning is sufficient.

GARAGE DOOR OPENER. Garage door openers can be installed for the disabled, the handicapped and elderly only.

STRUCTURAL REPAIRS. Repairs due to structural damage are eligible. (Engineering permit required.)

CARPETING. Carpeting is eligible at a maximum of $18/yard installed price.

POOL SAFETY DEVICES. Pool safety devices can be installed including gates and fences. (Building inspection required.)

BEDROOM ADDITIONS AND ENLARGEMENTS. Additions and enlargements are only allowed for households with overcrowded conditions. Overcrowding is defined as having more than 1.5 persons per bedroom.