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CRV Beverage Container Recycling
West Covina CRV Beverage Container Recycling Program

The California Redemption Value (CRV) Beverage Container Recycling Program promotes public awareness CRVby encouraging the community to recycle. When West Covina consumers purchase beverages packaged in CRV containers, there is an additional recycling fee. Your CRV recycling fees can be refunded by taking CRV beverage containers to a local recycling centers for redemption. In addition, to receiving redemptions residents also help protect the environment by reducing waste at local landfills. Eligible beverage containers include water bottles, aluminum soda cans, juice bottles, and 2-liter soda bottles. 
Many youth groups in West Covina currently participate in the CRV Beverage Container Recycling Program. The youth groups regularly clean recycling bins, collect CRV beverage containers, keep records of the amount of material recycled, and use the redemptions from recycling beverage containers for various group activities. 

West Covina Boy Scouts Youth
CRV Recycling 
West Covina Boy Scouts collect CRV beverage
containers from City Hall Departments and uses
funds for various activities. 

Hollencrest Middle School ASB
CRV Recycling 

 Team #2
Hollencrest Middle School Recycling Team collects CRV
beverage containers and uses the funds collected for campus activities. 

Palmview Daycare
CRV Recycling 

 Team #3
Palm View Daycare participants and staff collect CRV beverage
containers onsite and use the funds for daycare
supplies and activities. 

Rincon Middle School Student Leadership
CRV Recycling Team

 Team #4
Rincon Middle School's Student Leadership recycles beverage containers collected on campus. Rincon uses the redemption funds for student leadership activities. 

Edgewood Middle School Student
Youth CRV Recycling 

 Team #5
Edgewood Middle School students toss their empty beverage containers into the school's CRV recycling bins.

West Covina Certified Redemption Centers

                                  Recycling Centers

rePLANET Recycling Centers:
  • Albertson's
    Eastland Shopping Center
    2630 E. Workman Ave.
    West Covina, CA  (951) 520-1700
  • Stater Brothers
    1025 Amar Road
    West Covina, CA  (877) 737-5263
NexCycle Recycling Centers: 
  • Vons
    777 Glendora Ave.
    West Covina, CA
    (909) 796-2210 
  • Northgate Market
    1320 W Francisquito Ave
    West Covina CA 91790
    (909) 796-2210
Recycling centers are independently owned and operated.  For a complete list of eligible recycling centers, locations and hours of operation, please call 1-800-RECYCLE or visit http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/BevContainer/Recyclers/Directory/Default.aspx?lang=en-US