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Municipal Code

The City of West Covina offers a searchable database of The City Municipal Codes. To search our database, click on the following link. To aid your search, and instructions about advanced search functions, please refer to the suggestions below.

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Search for Municipal Codes

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Covina web site. This link will open a new browser window.)

How to Query (Search) the Municipal Code Listings:

Specify your query in the text box provided (Enter Query Here) and press Enter or click the Go! button.

The webserver will return a list of occurrences for your query (search) and show relevant codes along with your search words listed in red.

Query Examples:
  • To find a specific phrase, use quotes.
    For example, "city clerk"
  • To find words with a similar form, use the asterisk.
    For example, admin* will find administration, administrator, etc.

    Please note that searching for a word without the asterisk will not find compound words that contain the word.
    For example: Searching for admin will NOT find administration.
  • You may use simple boolean logic. For example:
    mayor and council
    mayor not council
    mayor or council

Search for Municipal Codes

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New Ordinances List

The following are ordinances passed by the City Council that may be incorporated into the West Covina Municipal Code during the next supplement. You may view the full text of the ordinance by clicking on the ordinance number.

No. Adopted Subject
2243 05/07/2013 Moratorium - South Hills Vacant Lots Subdivisions
2244 06/04/2013 Code Amendment City Seal, Logo, Images
2245 06/04/2013 Extend Moratorium South Hills Vacant Lots
2246 06/18/2013 Pylon Signs Code Amendment
2247 06/18/2013 Vehicle Sales Code Amendment
2248 08/06/2013 Zone Change 13-01 San Bernardino Road
2249 08/20/2013 Voter Approval to Sell, Lease, Rent Civic Center
2250 10/15/2013 Density Bonus Standards CA 13-06
2251 11/19/2013 Vine Avenue Speed Reduction
2252 12/03/2013 Building and Fire Codes Adoption
2253 01/21/2014 Lark Ellen - Warmington Residential ZC 13-03
2254 01/21/2014 Residential/Agricultural Single Family Zone
2255 02/04/2014 Repeal of Moratorium
2256 02/04/2014 Moratorium on Adult Oriented Businesses