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Public Works

Welcome to the Public Works Department

The Public Works Department consists of three divisions - Building, Engineering, and Maintenance. Under the guidance of the Public Works Director, it provides coordinated community enhancement, development services, and City infrastructure maintenance including contract maintenance and construction oversight.

For information about current projects, visit the Public Works Projects page.

Building Division
The Building Division enforces safety, health, welfare and property maintenance standards for both public and private development, and provides construction management oversight for public construction. It is divided into three sections: Building, Community Enhancement, and Building Construction.

Utilizing the California Building Codes, the Building Section is responsible for insuring that all private developments within the city conform to construction and safety standards through comprehensive plan review, permit issuance, and inspection. Proper compliance with approved plans is obtained through field inspections associated with this work. Building Division forms can be printed out, filled in, and returned to the counter of the Building Division. These forms can be found here.

The Community Enhancement Section enforces the City's Municipal Codes. They insure all residential and commercial properties are maintained properly through field inspections and by responding to citizens' complaints. This section also ensures that hazards associated with unsafe conditions, such as un-maintained swimming pools, are abated. If warranted, legal cases are initiated to obtain compliance for violations of the West Covina Municipal Code. Call (626) 939-8426 with any questions or concerns regarding code enforcement issues. The City of West Covina Property Maintenance Standards Brochure is available here.

The Building Construction Section administers and oversees the application of California Public Contract Law and Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction to construct, remodel, and renovate City-owned buildings and structures.

Engineering Division
The Engineering Division is responsible for a variety of functions in the City affecting all of the public works improvements, and many of the private developments and improvements. It is divided into two sections: Engineering Services and Traffic and Lighting Services.

The Engineering Services Section prepares plans and specifications including streets, storm drains, sewers, traffic signals, bridges, parks, and street lighting. It provides field inspections for all engineering Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects and processes all related documents. This section also ensures that private developments conform to Conditions of Approval imposed by the Planning Commission and City Council, and adopted City Standards through comprehensive plan review; conduct field inspections and provide assessment district engineering; and maintains city mapping and processes assessment districts renewals for street lighting, landscaping, and sewers. It also performs data collection, analysis and evaluation of the street system, maintenance and rehabilitation needs, and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance, and Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) as well as contract administration of street projects.

The Traffic and Lighting Section oversees evaluation and improvements of the traffic on City streets, including traffic signals, stop signs, speed limits, parking restrictions, traffic signing, crosswalks, traffic counts, accident surveys, and other traffic related items. Staff also oversees evaluations and improvements of the City's street lighting system, including installation, spacing, type, size, and billing verifications. This area of Engineering provides input to the City's Traffic Committee consisting of the Public Works Director, Police Chief, and Traffic Engineer for their review and recommendations to the City Council of changes in traffic regulations.

Maintenance Division
The Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the city. It provides maintenance of all streets, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, parks, open space, medians, and public areas as well as vehicle maintenance, traffic signal maintenance, sewers, and street tree maintenance. This Division is divided into five sections: streets/wastewater maintenance, parks maintenance, equipment maintenance, electronics maintenance, and environmental services.

The Street/Wastewater Section repairs and maintains streets, sidewalks, traffic signals and lighting. It provides street sign fabrication and installation, and contract administration for the street sweeping program, and is responsible for the maintenance of the sewer and storm drain systems.

The Parks Section oversees contractual tree maintenance services and the landscaping and hardscaping of the Civic Center, parks, medians, freeway rights-of-way, and maintenance districts. It provides water conservation services and janitorial/building maintenance for all City buildings including park restrooms and recreation facilities. It also provides for the maintenance of the municipal pool, skate park and equestrian center.

The Equipment Maintenance Section oversees purchasing and maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment, and manages storage and disposal of hazardous material. It also includes a welding and fabrication shop, the City warehouse, and a facility for compressed fuels.

The Electronics Maintenance Section is responsible for the maintenance of all City-owned electronic communications equipment and telephone systems. This includes radios, public address systems, closed circuit TV's alarms, safety vehicle emergency lighting, sirens, and other electron-mechanical systems.

The Environmental Services Section provides assistance to residents and businesses regarding waste collection and the low-income senior citizen discount program. They also coordinate and promote waste reduction, reuse, and recycling events such as Christmas tree recycling, Earth Day, America Recycles Day, beverage container recycling/litter reduction, used oil/oil filter recycling, and household hazardous waste and electronic waste roundups.

Street Light Repairs
Please contact Southern California Edison Company to report a street light that is out, cycling on and off, or damaged at (800) 611-1911.
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program Public Notice

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