Long Range Property Management Plan

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The Successor Agency (Agency) to the former West Covina Redevelopment Agency received a Finding of Completion (FOC) from the Department of Finance (DOF) on December 16, 2015.  Shortly thereafter on December 18, 2015, the Agency also obtained DOF approval of the Long Range Property Management Plan (LRPMP). As a result, the Agency is proceeding with implementing the LRPMP, specifically the disposition of the six (6) assets listed for sale.  The six (6) assets are located in the Sportsplex Project on the BKK landfill site. For more information about the Sportsplex project please visit the Sportsplex Project Overview page.

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LRPMP Assets # 30, 31, 32 - Coastal Sage Scrub /Golf Course

On October 17, 2016, the Agency received an unsolicited Letter of Intent (LOI) from Singpoli Group LLC (Singpoli) for the purchase of three of the Agency assets located at the BKK Landfill site (130-acres), and rights to the area on the top deck the Agency has under license (84.27-acres).  At the November 7, 2017, City Council meeting, Singpoli unveiled their development proposal seeking to develop the Agency parcels at the BKK Landfill site into an equestrian training facility along with an adventure park and various other uses.  The proposed development includes the following components, a hotel, virtual reality (VR) park, horse training facility with event space and pavilion, horse barns and stalls, aerial adventure park (zip line), a solar and greenhouse program, and a K-9 training facility.  Each component will feature:

  • Hotel 

The hotel will include approximately 270 rooms and 20,000 square feet of meeting space and banquet facilities on approximately 3-4 acres.

  • Virtual-Reality (VR) Park 

The VR Park will provide experiences similar to Disneyland’s “Soarin’ Around the World” or Universal Studio’s “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.”  The VR Park will encompass approximately 5 acres.  

  • Horse Training Facility

The Horse training facility will include a track the size of Arcadia’s Santa Anita Park for training purposes only, no formal racing or betting would be conducted on the site.  As Santa Anita Park hosts events in the infield for family-friendly carnivals and cultural festivals, Singpoli is proposing to similarly take advantage of the infield space to enable a wide variety of events for the community to enjoy. 

  • Equestrian Center

The proposed Equestrian Center will provide approximately 47 barns with 1,400 horse stalls to service the training facility and as well as an employee village including 264 dormitories with a cafeteria and recreation center. 

  • Adventure Park

The Adventure park will feature a zipline, aerial park, and rock climbing.  

  • Hiking Trails

The project proposes to include trails that will connect to the Galster Wilderness Park Nature Center and the Los Angeles County trail in the City of Walnut.  

  • K-9 facility

The facility will provide the West Covina Police Department a local training facility for the K-9 team and provide a much-needed facility in the region.  

  • Solar Greenhouse Concept

A new solar greenhouse concept is included in the proposed development. New solar technology allows solar panels to be translucent enough to allow sunlight through.  As it is a common use for landfills to have solar farms, this new technology allows additional use of the site.  The solar panels act as the roof to the greenhouse, allowing agriculture to grow in raised planters so as to not disturb the landfill cap.  The solar panels also collect rainwater that can be used to water the plants/crops in the greenhouse. As the site is a former landfill, there would be measures taken to ensure the safety of the food grown on the site. Singpoli would partner with a proven solar energy developer for this component of the project.

As a result of City Council direction, the City hosted two community meetings to receive input and feedback from all those in attendance.  The two meetings were held on the following dates and locations:

To provide your comments about the proposed development project, please visit www.ourwestcovina.org

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