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In an effort to reduce false alarms within the City of West Covina, the City updated its alarm ordinance and partnered with PM AM Corporation to implement and administer the City's Alarm Program.  PM AM Corporation is a national company with expertise in this area, and will be responsible for alarm permit registration, false alarm billing features, support of a customer service hotline, and hosting of web portals to allow customers to manage their alarm permit. 

The implementation of the City's Alarm Program is currently underway.  If you are an alarm owner, this means that you are not required to do anything at this time.  Once PM AM Corporation has completed the implementation process, the City will start a marketing campaign to inform alarm owners of their responsibility to register an annual alarm permit. 

Once PM AM has completed the implementation process, the instructions how to sign up for an annual alarm program will also be available on this page ( 

To learn more about the City's Alarm System Program, please review the following information:

Background Information - Alarm System Program

February 20, 2018 - Staff Report - Ordinances Amending City Alarm Program

Informational Postcard (included in the July/August/September 2018 copy of the Discover magazine)

Finally, if you would like to ask questions about the City's Alarm Program, please send an email to:


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