Police Chief Recruitment

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The City of West Covina held a Community Outreach Meeting to solicit input from residents and community partners concerning the next West Covina Police Chief.   

The Community Outreach Meeting was held on Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30pm at the Cameron Community Center located at 1305 E. Cameron Avenue, West Covina.  The Community Outreach Meeting was led by Mr. Regan Williams, Senior Vice President from Bob Murray & Associates, the firm conducting the search for the next Police Chief.  During the Community Outreach Meeting, the following was discussed:

  1. The candidate search and recruitment process
  2. Professional characteristics desired in the next Police Chief
  3. Priority public safety issues

In addition to the Community Outreach Meeting, an online survey was made available from April 20th - May 4th for those that were not able to attend the in-person meeting to submit feedback.  

A summary of the community feedback received from both the Community Outreach Meeting on April 25th and the online survey can be viewed here.

The filing deadline to apply for the position of West Covina Police Chief is Friday, June 2, 2017.

Please follow the link below for additional information and to apply: 

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