Coexisting with Coyotes

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Coyotes play an important role in the ecosystem, helping to keep rodent populations under control. They are by nature fearful of humans. If given access to human food and garbage, their behavior changes. They lose caution and fear. They may cause property damage. They might threaten human safety. They might be killed.

Relocating a problem coyote is not an option because it only moves the problem to someone else’s neighborhood. Help prevent human-coyote conflicts by taking some precautions around your property.

Coyote Management


*If a person has been injured or killed by a coyote do NOT use this form. Call 911 immediately for medical assistance.
*If your pet has been injured or killed by a coyote, please contact Animal Control at (626) 962-3577 for immediate assistance. 
*If you cannot access the online map, please contact the Community Services Department at (626) 919-6966 to report a coyote sighting.



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