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Community Development

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Welcome to the Community Development Department

The City has recently gone through several reorganizations between departments to ensure the City provides the most efficient services. As a result, the City has consolidated several departments to form the Community Development Department (CDD). The CDD is dedicated to providing high quality services to the residents, businesses, and property owners of West Covina.

The CDD is organized into the following four divisions:

Building Division

The Building Division enforces safety, health, welfare and property maintenance standards for both public and private development and provides construction management oversight for public construction.  The building division oversees both Building; plan check, permit issuance, and inspections as well as Building Construction; administers construction of public facilities.

For more information visit Building Division

Community and Economic Development Division

Comprised of Economic Development, Housing, and the West Covina Successor Agency, the Community and Economic Development (CED) Division is dedicated to enhancing the economic base of the City through the elimination of blight, the revitalization of the existing properties, the attraction and retention of businesses, and providing affordable housing options for its residents.

For more information visit Community and Economic Development Division

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for the construction and maintenance of street improvements including traffic signals, plan review and inspections, design and construction of capital improvements, review of traffic related issues and review of land development impacts in the public right-of-way.  Engineering staff strives to enhance the quality of life in West Covina by providing the technical guidance necessary to construct and maintain the City’s infrastructure.

For more information visit Engineering Division

Planning Division

The Planning Division focuses on planning and implementing standards that maintain the City’s physical environment and quality of life. Planning is the first point of contact for homeowners, business owners and developers that are intending to construct new structures on privately-owned property. The Division provides guidance on the General Plan and Zoning Code regarding standards for new construction, physical improvements, and allowed uses.

For more information visit Planning Division


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