Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

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This Fire Department program consists of four(4) two person teams working Monday through Thursday. The program started on June 2, 2003. They are uniformed volunteer members who will assist in daily activities in the Fire Department. 

The RSVP program was initiated with the help of a firefighters assistance grant that was obtained from the federal government. You can tell the RSVP's from firefighters at a distance by their light blue shirts and volunteer patch in comparison to the dark blue, fire resistant shirts the firefighters wear. They will be driving the streets to serve you in a traditional fire department red and white vehicle with the marking of RSVP on the side. 

Some of the members are also volunteers in the Seniors Helping Officers Program (SHOP) in the police department. These volunteers are truly doing double duty. 

Some of their duties involve Fire Prevention support which consists of plan check delivery and pickup, Knox box system operation, gate card reader system checks, and inspection support services: minor hazard follow-up compliance inspections, mail and equipment delivery, inspection of special hazard identification, weeds identification and compliance, checking open status construction projects, and fire hydrant inspections. 

They support the operations section with public education program assistance through logistics support and program delivery supplementation. RSVP'S will also assist with emergency response support in traffic control, fire personnel and customer support, equipment reconnaissance, and providing support duties on the emergency scene to firefighters. 

For further information regarding this program please call the West Covina Fire Department at (626) 939-8824. 

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