Notes of Special Recognition & Profound Appreciation

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The Disaster Management Area Coordinators of Los Angeles County owe no small debt of gratitude to Clackamas County Oregon and its Natural Hazards Mitigation Committee. 

Vicki Harguth, the County's Emergency Management Coordinator, and Cindy Kolomechuck, their Hazard Mitigation Specialist graciously, shared their plan with us and allowed us to use it as a basis for our working plan guide. 

While there are sometimes interesting differences between the climate and topography of Clackamas County, Oregon and the greater Los Angeles basin, the plan was so well organized and it was easily adapted to suit the needs of the independent cities of Los Angeles County. 

The generosity of Clackamas County and its emergency management personnel is typical of the spirit of cooperation that pervades the emergency management profession. 

We also availed ourselves of data, reports, and plans from a variety of cities, counties, and states from across the country as part of the research in preparing this plan. Thank you to all those agencies that are so generous to their colleagues in the emergency management profession. The work of many of these agencies is cited in Section 1.

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