Hazardous Materials

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hazardous_fireThe West Covina Fire Department protects our community by inspecting, pre-planning, and monitoring those business that handle hazardous materials in our city.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department is the City of West Covina’s Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) responsible for administrating all six program elements of the Unified Program within our jurisdiction. The Unified Program consolidates, coordinates, and makes consistent the following hazardous materials and hazardous waste programs:

  • Hazardous Waste Generation, including onsite treatment under Tiered Permitting
  • Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks (APST) Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC)
  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
  • Hazardous Materials Release Response Plans and Inventories
  • California Accidental Release Prevention Program (Cal ARP)
  • Uniform Fire Code Hazardous Materials Management Plans and Inventories

Who needs a permit?

Permits are required for any business that handles or stores hazardous materials, and any business, which generates, stores, or treats hazardous waste.

Who do I contact for further information?

Los Angeles County Fire Department - Health Hazardous Materials Division
5825 Rickenbacker Road, Commerce 90040
Phone: (323) 890-4045 Fax: (323) 890-4051

Where can I obtain Unified Program forms?

Los Angeles County Fire Department CUPA Forms

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

The health and safety of residents in our community and the environment is endangered when household products containing harmful chemicals are discarded in household garbage, sinks and storm drains. West Covina residents are encouraged to follow proper steps to dispose of household hazardous waste by dropping it off at a FREE local Household Hazardous Waste Collection event.

Hazardous Waste Collection Dates

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