Ladder Truck

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A Ladder Truck Company performs an extremely important role in fire ground operations including search and rescue, forcible entry, ventilation of a structure during a fire, overhaul and the use of ladders to gain access and rescue persons above ground level. 

Our Aerial Ladder is a 100' LTI Ladder on an American LaFrance Spartan Chassis. The new truck will be able to perform in many different situations and environments that were previously impossible. Both government regulation and technological improvements have resulted in aerial apparatus that are more versatile and safer to operate.The ladder is equipped with a remote controlled monitor capable of providing fire streams in excess of 500 gallons of water per minute in any attitude. The built in water piping allows for faster setup and deployment as well as greater safety for the operators than was previously possible. 

The truck company is also used in a "heavy rescue" role. For this function it is well equipped with the tools required for both vehicle rescue and USAR (Urban Search and Rescue). Included are Holmatro brand hydraulic cutting and spreading tools (commonly called 'the jaws of life') and power saws for cutting metal. We also carry air bags and cribbing for lifting extremely heavy objects. The truck is also able to provide the electricity and high intensity lighting necessary for safe nightime operations. With special gas detection devices we are able to recognize and identify hazardous and flammable atmospheres. 

The fully enclosed body cabinets provide additional space while protecting ladders and tools, allowing us to extend the useful life of our equipment. It is and always has been our objective to provide the highest level of service possible in the most cost effective manner possible. This includes replacing equipment as required to take advantage of newer technologies and then caring for that equipment with the diligence required to get the maximum usage possible.

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