Mayor Pro Tem Tony Wu

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Tony Wu 2017 Report Card photo

Mayor Pro Tem Tony Wu:

Cooking For Our City's Future

Dear Residents,

Thank you for all your support and commitment to our beautiful City of West Covina. This past year, 2017, was a magnificent year with many exciting and positive changes.  Now that we have entered a new year, our work continues.  With your help, I am confident that we will continue to build West Covina into a City we can be proud of.

Anniversary Report Card for 2017:

  1. Public Safety: improved by increasing police work force from 89 to 105, and buying a new fire engine with ladder "Quint" for our fire department.
  2. Shop Local After School Program: started September 2017, first City to provide free after school programs including music, dancing, singing, and performing arts for junior high and high school students.  West Covina Unifed, Covina-Valley Unified, and Rowland Unified are the participating districts.
  3. Sister City International Recognition: Beijing, Fengtai District, started relationship with West Covina November 2017, which will have student exchange program, business opportunities, cultural exchanges, and tourism
  4. BKK Landfill Development: investor started process to develop a plan to potentially build a 5-star hotel, VR Park, race horse training facility, K9 and police training complex, and fire fighter training center.  This development would not only get rid of the notorious land fill, but would bring in an annual revenue of $10 million to West Covina, and create 2,000 jobs
  5. The Lakes (Performing Arts Square): program was approved December 2017, to become the West Covina Performing Arts Center for students in elementary, middle, and high school, providing them a location to perform at anytime
  6. Branding West Covina Campaign: continued efforts to promote West Covina by attending as many events nationally and internationally, to make West Covina known 
  7. Increase City Revene: continuous efforts to bring in more businesses and assisting our current businesses with programs that will accumulate crowds

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