Mayor Tony Wu

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 Mayor Tony Wu: Together We Are Making A Difference


Tony Wu - Dear Resident2019 - Tony Wu - Webpage photo

        2018 Accomplishments          

  1. Shop Local After School ProgramRowland Unified School District Joined this excellent program. 
  2. Sister City International RecognitionAdded a new sister city: Fushun, China
  3. The Lakes (Performing Arts Square): Had successful performances by various student groups and increased pedestrian traffic in this area. 
  4. Fire Safety: Surveyed all fire hazard areas to clear overgrown trees and brush.
  5. Development: Relentlessly sought big developments to strengthen the future of West Covina.
  6. Branding: Promoted the city to gradually become better known as a great city.
  7. Community Events: Sought out new events including the free medical charity clinic at the senior center.
  8. Infrastructure: Repaved roads that had been obsolescent and needing rehabilitation.
  9. Elections: Received the approval of my residents to elect me s their councilman for district 5.

              2019 Goals                       

  1. Budget: Make sure the city can balance the budget without cutting public safety services.
  2. Public Safety: Hire more public safety officials to reduce crime in our neighborhoods.
  3. Improve Government: Work to build an efficient government that is lean and mean to better serve the residents.
  4. Increase Revenue: Create a more business friendly community to generate revenue.
  5. Branding & Development: Finalize big developments that are on the table and attract more businesses to come to our community.
  6. Integrate Cultural Arts: Introduce new programs, art festivals, art galleries and a performing arts center to make West Covina a cultural center.

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