Taking Back Our Community

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Taking Back Our Community is a coalition of local governments dedicated to public education and community advocacy surrounding the unintended adverse public safety impacts of recent changes to California's criminal law.  

Watch the Video from May 29, 2018 Community Meeting to learn how YOU can be part of the solution in combating the impacts of AB 109, Prop 47, and Prop 57.  Video available at westcovina.org/live

 Coalition Objectives  

  • To raise public awareness of why crime is increasing in our state. 
  • To provide a consistent message surrounding the facts and impacts of AB 109, Prop 47, and Prop 57. 
  • To advocate for State legislative changes to improve law enforcement's ability to respond to crime. 

 State Changes Affecting our Community Includes:


Assembly Bill 109

In 2011, Assembly Bill 109, or Realignment, served the purpose of addressing the unsafe overcrowding in State prisons. The approval of AB 109 transferred nearly 45,000 felons from the State prison system to local jail facilities. As local jail facilities were never designed to house violent criminals, AB 109 has resulted in the release of tens of thousands of lower-level convicted criminals back into the communities.

Proposition 47

Approved by 60% of voters in 2014, Proposition 47, or the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, reclassified a number of non-violent, non-serious crimes. Felonies such as drug possession, repeated shoplifting, forging checks, and gun theft are now classified as misdemeanors.


Proposition 57

Proposition 57 was approved by 65% of California voters in 2016. Titled as the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act, it will allow the state to release up to 30,000 criminals convicted of “non-violent” felonies.

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