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Blue Star Program

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Blue Star ProgramThe City of West Covina Blue Star Program is modeled after a federal program, which was established in 1942 to unite all families with sons and daughters in the Armed Forces of the United States of America with the placement of a free patriotic poster to place in their windows. These posters are available to residents of West Covina. 

If you are a resident of West Covina and have an immediate family member currently enlisted in the service and would like to add their name and photo please complete one of the following forms:

Blue Star Program form  or apply online, Blue Star Program online form




The City of West Covina hopes to rally the community's support for our troops serving in the Armed Forces throughout the world.

Blue Star Program

Updated on 04/24/2019 9:26 AM

City of West Covina Honors Its Sons and Daughters Serving In The Armed Forces

Germaine Acevedo, Army
Jasmine Aceves, Army
Edward Agdeppa, Navy
Lorenzo C. Aguilar, Army
Steven Aguilera, Marine Corps
Jose Aguirre, Army
John-Alex Alarcon, Navy
Daniel Aleman, Army

Ashley Alsberry, Navy

Travion Alvarado, Army

Emmanuel Anthony Alvarez, Marines
Esmeralda Amaya, Army
David Ames, Army
Richard Anderson, Army
Albert Angel, Navy
Daniel J. Angelo, Navy
Rose Angel-Rummer, Marine Corps
Brent Anglin, Marine Corps
PFC Joshua R. Armijo, Marines
Luis Armijo, Army
Taj Augustus, Army
Christopher Avalos, Marine Corps
Amy Ayer, Navy
Eric Azpeitia, Army
Patrick Badar, Marine Corps
Darryl Barbata, Navy
Paul Barriga, Army
Hector Barrios, Air Force
John Beall Iii, Army
Bryan Bernhard, Army
Ryan Bernhard, Army
Julio Briceno, Marine Corps
James Burciaga, Army
Alger Calderon, Marine Corps
Oscar Calinaya, Marine Corps
Thomas Caraca, Army
Anthony Caraza, Army
Jai Card, Army
Matthew Carlock, Navy
David Carlson, Marine Corps
Scott Carlson, Navy
Adam Casillas, Navy
Christopher Casillas, Navy
David Casillas, Navy
Ross E. Castellano, Army
Julian Ceballos, Marine Corps
Ernest Chainey, Army

Kai Cheetham, Army
Leon Coburn, Army
Ralph Coll Jr., Army
Andrew Contreras, Air Force
John Cordero, Air Force
Juan Coronado, Army
Alejandro Cortez, Navy
Stephanie Criddle, Navy
Andrew S. Cruz, Marines
Rigney Davis Jr., Army
Christian De Guzman, Army
Ramon De Jesus, Army
Eduardo De Leon, Navy
James J. Delgado, Navy
Jason Delgado, Marine Corps
James Deloera, Army

Derek Diaz, Army
Michael Angelo Dotimas, Air Force
Dustin Dunleavy, Air Force
Alberto Echeverria, Coast Guard
Lester Efren, Air Force
Slej Efren, Air Force
Gerry Escalona Jr., Air Force
Jon Espinoza, Air Force
Raquel R. Espinoza, Navy
Anthony Estrada, Navy
Gerald Estrada, Marine Corps
Isaac Estrada, Army

Alexander Fowler, Navy

Derek Fowler, Navy

Scott Flowler, Navy
Steven M. Gutierrez
John Cronin, Air Force
Tim Cronin, Marine Corps
Adam Luna, Air Force
Todd Adkins, Marine Corps
Matthew Becerra, Army
Branden Lutes, Army
Steven Galvez, Army
Hector L. Garcia, Navy
Edgar Delgado, Marine Corps
Moises Delgado, Marine Corps
Hector L. Garcia, Navy
Christopher S. Cruz, Army
Steven Visosky, Marine Corps
Farries A. Chappel, Army
Justin Salo, Marine Corps.
Matthew Becerra, Army
Alex Jason Lopez, Army
Gabriel Tavizon, Navy
Magno Lopez Jr., Air Force
Philip Andrew Ramirez, Air Force
Tommy Corral, Army
Anthony Camargo, Army
Diego Rodriguez, Army
Michael A. Holguin, Army
Orlando Gonzalez, Army
Matthew Esquivel, Marine Corps
Araceli Felix, Army
Tai Fennel, Navy



Andrew Finocchio, Army
Joseph Franchino, Navy
Patrick Francia, Air Force
Andrew D. Frierson, Army
Alfred Fuentes Jr., Marine Corps
Christian Galarreta, Navy
Martin Gallegos, Air Force
Enrique Garcia, Navy
Martin Garcia, Navy
Paul Garcia, Army
Zac Garcia, Marine Corps
Alfredo Garcia-Navarro, National Guard
Sgt. Ramon Garibaldi, Army
Alex Giliberto, Navy
Augie Giliberto, Army
John Giliberto, Army
Thomas Golden Jr., Army
Gaston Gomez, Marine Corps
Wendy Lee Gomez, Army
Brenda Gonzales-Quintero, Navy
Brian Gonzales, Navy
Lisa Anita Gonzales, Army
Angel Gonzalez, Air Force
Ismael Gonzalez, Army
Paul Quimiro Gonzalez, Army
Derek Goodwin, Marines
Christopher James Granados, Army
Raymond Grossman, Army
Jesse Hernandez, Marine Corps
Victoria L. Hernandez, Army
Jeric N. Hizon, Army
Guy Holtz, Navy
Nichole Hoskinson, Navy
Roni Ilada, Air Force
Antonio Jenkins, Navy
Michael Jenkins, Navy
Dustin Johnson, Navy
Aleks Z. Kay, Coast Guard
Justin Kiyohiro, Army
Joseph Krall, Navy
Randy Kunselman, Air Force
Marlon Anthony Molina Layugan, Marine Corps
Steven Lefler, Navy
Michael Lilly, Marine Corps
Yvette Loaiza, Air Force
Kevin Lommer, Army
Paul Lozano III, Navy
Anthony R. Macaraeg, Air Force
Myrna Macias, Air Force
Salvador I. Macias, Coast Guard
Travis Mack, Navy
Anthony Maddox, Army
Raymond Mantilla, Marine Corps
Luis Manzo, Marine Corps
Jay Martinez, Marine Corps
Jose R. Martinez Jr., Army
Joseph Martinez, Army
Julian Alan Martinez, Army
Levi Martinez, Army
Mason Martinez, Army
Michael Martinez, Army
Nelson A. Martinez, Marine Corps
Steve Mata, Army
Cort McAllister, Marine Corps
Michael McConnell, Army
Kyle McDaniel, Marine Corps
Carlos D. Medina, Navy
Steve J. Megliorino, Marines
Jonathan I. Mejia, Marine Corps
Matthew Vincent Melton, Air Force
Steve Metje, Marine Corps
Sergio Minero II, Army
April Miranda, National Guard
Raymond Miranda, Navy
Jorge Montenegro, Marine Corps
Daniel A. Moreno, Marine Corps
Ricardo Moreno, Navy
Milton Myers, Army National Guard
Joshua Myrick, Army
Kyle Myrick, Army
Manuel F. Najera Jr., Marines
Kevin R. Ogo, Army
Corey O'Keefe, Army
Jose Ontiveros, Army
Michael Ore, Army
Joseph R. Ortega Sr., Marines
Joseph R. Ortega Jr., Army
Isidro Parra, Army
Krishneel Shonal Raj, Marines
Branden Lutes, Army
Sarah M. Johnson, Marines
Robert Anthony Rodriguez Marines
Philip Andrew Ramirez, Air Force
John M. Ruiz Sr., Army
Jonathan Carrizal, Marines
Francisco J. Valles, Marines
Matthew Krueger, Army
Roberto D. Olivas, Navy
Andrew J. Rodriguez, Marines
Kiani G. Mitchell, Navy
Adrienne R. Southerland, Navy
William Patino Jr., Marine Corps
Peter Pelagio, Army
Daniel Perelda, Navy
Michael Perry, Air Force

Valerie P. Pineda, Marine Corps
Decarlo Porter, Army
Michelle Puccio, Navy
Vincent Puccio, Navy
Yara Quintana, Navy
Eric Ramirez, Marine Corps
Jorge Ramirez Jr., Army
Keith Ramirez, Marine Corps
Steve Ramirez, Marine Corps
Shawn Raymond, Army
Joseph Regala, Army
Dana Reinhart, Army
Paul Reinhart, Navy
Michael Remlinger, Army
Edward Resendez, Navy
Patrick Michael Reyes, Marine Corps
Jimmy D. Richardson, Marine Corps
Bryan Riley, Army
Bob Rivas, Army
Erik Rivas, Army
Alexandria Rivera, Army
Manuel Rodriguez, Navy
Marcos Rodriguez, Marine Corps
Nick Rodriguez, Navy
Manuel Rojo, Marine Corps
Andrew Roque, Navy
Christopher Ross, Army
Lee Rupp, Army
Cary V. Salas, Navy
Richard Salas, Army
Ricky Salas, Army
David Saldana, Air Force
Kevin Sam, Air Force
Brian Samarripa, Marines Corps
Eric Manuel Sandoval, Marine Corps
Albert Santos, Navy
Stephen Schilling, National Guard
Bryant Schumacher, Army
Francisco Sevilla, Army
Michele Slater, Air Force
Keith Smith, Navy
Dominic Solomon, Army
Victor Sotelo, Marine Corps
Gregory Sovick, Army
Luis Spataro, Army
Floyd Stalinski III, Navy
Richard Strysick II, Army
Kori Scott Sunderman, Navy
Paul Sunpanich, National Guard
Stephen Tan, Marine Corps
Sean M. Tapia, Army
Gabriel Tavizon, Navy
Robert C. Thompson, Marine Corps
Justin C. Thornell, Marine Corps
Danny Torres, Army
Kimberly Torres, Navy
Robert L. Torres, Army
Stephannie Torres, Navy
Ethan Townsend, Navy
Diane C. Triay, Army
Chad Trimble, Army
Johnny Valdez, Air Force
Jason P. Valdovinos, Navy
Jack Valenzuela, Marine Corps
Jimmy Valenzuela, Army
Robert F. Valenzuela, Marine Corps
Ominexy Valle, Navy
Louise Vargas, Air Force
Nicole Vargas, Army
Richard Vargas, Air Force

Christian Vasquez,

Army Jerry Velasquez, Navy

Kennedy Luna-Vasquez

Jose Velasco, Army
William Velasco, Army
Adam Venegas, Army
Jason Venzor, Navy
Javier R. Vidana, Marine Corps
Matthew D. Vidana, Marine Corps
Zachary J. Wagner, Air Force
Michael Warren, Marine Corps
Mike Willis, Navy
Allison Wilson, Army
Stephen Yniguez, Army
Patrick Young, Air Force
Stephen Young, Air Force
William Yu, Marine Corps
Michael Zabala, Army
Steven Visosky, Marine Corps
Diego G. Rodriguez, Army
Jay Wavra, Navy
Dante Preciado, Army
Brian Anthony Parra, Army
Anthony M. Ernest, Army
David A. Ramos, Air Force
Deseray Carlo, Marine Corps
Antonio R. Valdez Jr., Army
Ryan Joseph Davis, Army
Gabriel J. Ruiz, Air Force
Martin A. Vigil, Air Force
Joshua M. Vasquez, Air Force
William R. Castilla, Army
Francisco Gonzalez, Navy



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