The City of West Covina continues to monitor the public health situation associated with COVID-19 and is taking necessary precautions due to the heighten concerns over the spread of COVID-19.  

As the health and safety of our residents is of paramount importance, the City of West Covina has closed City Hall to the public and suspended all City-sponsored events until further notice.  In addition, several City facilities have been temporary closed.  Please note the City Hall has been reopened to the public.  For more information please visit the City’s webpage: Coronavirus (COVID-19)



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Rideshare Facts

Did you Know...?
  • Los Angeles commuters waste 93 hours a year stuck in traffic tie-ups.
  • The Southern California area is home to five of the 15 most congested freeway interchanges in the nation.
  • For the typical carpool lane user, using the carpool lane, means cutting the total commute time by a third.
  • Thursday is the day of the week that has the most commuter traffic.
  • Carpooling, is the #1 alternative to driving alone in Southern California.
-Statistics provided by Commute Smart News 2005, 

City Rideshare Program

The City receives Assembly Bill (AB) 2766 funds for the purposes of promoting Ridesharing and providing incentives for city employees to use alternative modes of transportation, i.e., carpooling, walking, biking, bus, Metrolink, to reduce the level of emissions resulting from commuting to and from work. 

All full-time employees are qualified to join the program. City employees qualify to earn incentives for participating in the program. 

If you would like to start a rideshare program for your company, contact Southern California Rideshare at 1-800-COMMUTE. 

Park & Ride 

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