Demand Response

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What Is Demand Response?


24 hours a day, 365 days a year, SCE is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has electric power—without interruptions. Sometimes, when demand exceeds supply, when electricity costs are high, or when the state’s electrical system is constrained, we ask (and pay for) you to help by reducing the electricity you use. What we’ve learned is that energy management is the first and best way to

keep the overall cost of electricity as low as possible. So, in addition to helping prevent outages, Demand Response helps to keep your electricity costs low.

Demand Response takes traditional energy management, which is focused on installing efficient equipment and systems, and makes it dynamically interactive. Often, paying customers for demand reductions is more efficient and effective than calling on a generator to meet power needs, and this helps avoid adding costly generation and transmission facilities to our system.

Qualifying customers are rewarded with bill reductions and/or energy credits for reducing their electrical demand when requested by SCE. However, if you do NOT reduce your consumption when asked by SCE, you may be subject to higher cost electricity.

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