The City of West Covina continues to monitor the public health situation associated with COVID-19 and is taking necessary precautions due to the heighten concerns over the spread of COVID-19.  

As the health and safety of our residents is of paramount importance, the City of West Covina has closed City Hall to the public and suspended all City-sponsored events until further notice.  City Hall as well as other City facilities have been temporary closed.   For more information please visit the City’s webpage: Coronavirus (COVID-19)



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The City of West Covina works to combat graffiti using a variety of methods including quick eradication, arrest of graffiti vandals, and community education/outreach.  By working collaboratively with the Police Department, Public Works Department, and the Community, we can better control and maintain the cleanup process for graffiti in West Covina.  Our best partners in this process are YOU, the Community.  As with other crimes, “If You See Something, Say Something!”

The Public Works Department is responsible for graffiti abatement of all City right-of-way, parks, and City-owned buildings and facilities.  Abatement services include painting over, removing, pressure washing, and repairing any and all surfaces damaged by graffiti. 

Crews generally provide a 48-hour response time window in which reported graffiti is abated.  Graffiti containing foul language, racial slurs, obscene images, and/or tags that target specific individuals are considered emergencies and are expedited for removal or abatement within 24 hours of being reported.  

These services do not include abatement of Caltrans right-of-way, SCE-owned facilities, or areas located outside the City's jurisdiction.  These areas are abated by third party contractors or other agencies.

Crews will abate graffiti from private property that is visible from the public street and is reasonably accessible on a case-by-case basis.  A release of liability from the property owner may be required. 

To report Graffiti located in the City of West Covina:

  1. Via the website at:
  2. Via the West Covina Mobile Phone App
  3. Call the Graffiti Hotline 24/7:  (626) 939-8800

*The website and mobile app are preferred methods for faster clean up response and tracking purposes.  

 To report Graffiti outside of the City's jurisdiction, please refer to the contact information below: 

LA County Graffiti Hotline:                                         (800) 675-HELP or submit request online here

CALTRANS Graffiti or Maintenance Requests:         (213) 620-3991  or Click Here       

City of La Puente Graffiti Hotline:                              (626) 855-1598

City of Covina Graffiti Hotline:                                    (626) 384-5599

To report graffiti on SCE owned facilities or equipment:  Email here

Reporting Graffiti not only helps keep our City clean, but you could potentially receive a cash reward!  If you witness graffiti in progress and can provide information that leads to the arrest of the individual who created the graffiti, you could be eligible for a $100 reward while still remaining anonymous.  See the WCPD web page for more details.  To report graffiti in progress call 9-1-1 immediately.