The City of West Covina continues to monitor the public health situation associated with COVID-19 and is taking necessary precautions due to the heighten concerns over the spread of COVID-19.  

As the health and safety of our residents is of paramount importance, the City of West Covina has closed City Hall to the public and suspended all City-sponsored events until further notice.  City Hall as well as other City facilities have been temporary closed.   For more information please visit the City’s webpage: Coronavirus (COVID-19)



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Sandbag Distribution

The Department of Public Services policy in regard to the distribution of sandbags to the public during emergencies is to assist homeowners or small businesses that are at risk of experiencing flooding during heavy storms. Public Services will know who to call ie: “911”, The Flood Control District, Fire Department, or other easily available services in an emergency for expert help.

Maintenance will provide enough sandbags to protect the average home or store from flooding (about 10 sandbags). In instances that require over 10 bags, the property owner or resident should seek advice to find a solution beyond sandbagging.


  • Sandbags will not seal out water.
  • Sand and soil filled burlap sandbags deteriorate when exposed for several months to continued wetting and drying. If bags are placed too early, they may not be effective when needed.
  • Sandbags are basically for low-flow protection (up to two feet). Protection from higher flows requires a more permanent type of structure.


Do not use straw or bales of hay in lieu of sandbags. They do not perform as well as sandbags and may be washed away.


Sand and sandbags are available to West Covina residents (24-hours) at the following Fire Station locations: 

  • Fire Station No. 1/City Yard:

819 S. Sunset Ave.
West Covina, CA 91790

  • Fire Station No. 2:

2441 E. Cortez Street
West Covina, CA 91791

  • Fire Station No. 4:

1815 S. Azusa Ave.
West Covina, CA 91792

  • Fire Station No. 5:

2650 E. Shadow Oak Dr.
West Covina, CA 91792


There is a 10 bag limit per household on free sandbags. Extreme situations may require the homeowner to consult a civil engineer, engineering geologist, or geotechnical engineer. 

The fire stations are open 24 hours a day should you have an emergency and require sandbags. The bags are not prefilled with sand. Residents will have to fill the sandbags with the available sand. It is suggested to bring your own shovel because there may not be a shovel available. 

For further information, please contact the Public Services Department. 

Sandbags are also available at Los Angeles County Fire Stations under the following guidelines:

1 to 25 bag(s) No Questions Asked
26 to 100 bags

Requires telephone call to (626) 458-4306 or (626) 458-4313 for verification of appropriate and safe usage of sandbags. See “Approved” and “Disapproved” usages below.

Approved usages for County Sandbags:

  • Protection of private residences from flooding.
  • Protection of shops and small businesses from flooding

Disapproved usages for County sandbags:

  • Tract development and erosion control.
  • Large quantities for ocean front protection against wave action. This is usually not effective, and a waste of sandbags.












Residents may purchase additional sandbags at

Using Sandbags

Sandbags, when properly filled and placed, will redirect storm and debris flows away from property improvements.


  • Fill sandbags one-half full. Sand is suggested if readily available; however, sand is not mandatory, and any local soil may be used.
  • For a more durable bag with increased effective life, mix 10 parts of sand or soil with one part of cement. The materials can be mixed and placed dry. After all bags are in place, a light sprinkling of water is recommended. This technique is only effective with burlap sandbags and will not work with plastic sandbags.


Fold top of sandbag down and rest bag on its folded top as shown in the illustration on the right. It is important to place bags with the folded top toward the upstream or uphill direction to prevent bags from opening when water runs by them.

Stacking Sandbags

Care should be taken to stack sandbags in accordance with the illustrations. Place each sandbag as shown, completing each layer prior to starting the next layer. Limit placement to two layers unless a building is used as a backing or sandbags are pyramided (see illustrations below).
sandbag stacking against buildings

pyramid sandbag stacking

directing debris away from buildings

controlling debris or storm flows in streets

directing flows between buildings

building protection

sliding glass door sealing