Tree Roots

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Tree Related Sewer Problems May be Avoided

Tree roots growing inside sewer pipes may be the most expensive sewer maintenance problem experienced by homeowners. Sewer problems may be avoided if homeowners take the following precautions.
  • Know where your sewer line is located
  • Do not plant trees or any deep rooted vegetation within 15 feet of sewer line
  • Install a sewer clean out if you do not have one in the front of your residence
  • Put grease and food scraps into the trash for disposal
  • Use baskets or strainers in the sink drain to catch food scraps then dispose of it in the trash
  • Be cautious of chemicals and additives that claim to dissolve grease. Some additives simply pass grease down pipes where it can clog sewer lines in another area.
The City may provide assistance to the homeowner after verifying that a city-authorized and owned tree damaged a sewer line between the mainline sewer in the street and the homeowners lateral pipe. Homeowners may call the Public Works Maintenance Division at (626) 919-6966 for more information.
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