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The Maintenance Division in conjunction with West Coast Arborists Inc., maintain street trees citywide.

The City of West Covina is currently planning the trimming of 33,000 city trees based on a 5 to 7 year trim cycle. Trimming outside of this would be based on an emergency need only. If you believe that your City owned tree is creating an emergency type situation; i.e., hanging branches, falling branches, tree or branches blocking traffic, please call (626) 919-6966.  If a large branch or tree has fallen after the hour of 5:30 pm, please contact Communications at (626) 939-8500.

The City does not remove a tree unless it is dead, dying, or causing a danger to the general public. In addition, the City does not remove or trim trees for nuisance reasons; i.e., leaves, seeds, sap falling on cars, property, or blocking view. If you would like to request a tree removal and it does not fall under the current guidelines for removal, there may be a fee required. To schedule an inspection please call (626) 919-6966. If you are calling about a private tree please contact Community Enhancement at (626) 939-8425.
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