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save_our_waterWater is a critical part of California’s way of life. Our economy, our environment and our day-to-day lifestyle needs water to flourish.  But our water supply is limited. We can help make the most of it by using water wisely every day.

Southern California relies on imported water supplies for about 20% of what we need. Imported water is used to replenish the groundwater basin to continue to provide reliable supply. While sufficient water is stored in the groundwater basin, it is important that action be taken to help preserve stored supplies in case the drought continues.

The Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District is offering several programs for both residential and commercial water users. The City of West Covina encourages you to take advantage of these programs and help ensure that water is available when we need it. Remember, every drop of water is important. Use water wisely. If we all work together, we can make a difference for California’s future. 

Rebates for water efficient appliances, turf removal, smart irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors and several water saving devices for commercial users are available at  

Water saving tips and ideas and more information on the statewide drought situation is available at or

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