Glendora Avenue Revitalization Project

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Glendora Avenue Festival ExampleThe proposed Glendora Avenue Revitalization Project will reconfigure the existing City right-of-way and adjacent City-owned parking lot between West Covina Parkway and Dalewood Street.  The current development of Glendora Avenue has approximately 165 feet of street and parking in between the retailers on the east side and the users on the west side, which does not make this area pedestrian-friendly.  The redesign of Glendora Avenue will revitalize the corridor and serve as a catalyst for new development interest in the newly created downtown area.  The area, approximately 165-feet wide by 2,500-feet long, will be redesigned as a new street modeling the “ramblas” concept, with a central gathering place with one-way travel lanes and parallel and/or angled parking on both sides.  The central gathering areas will allow for flexible uses such as festive gatherings, Farmer’s Market, summer concerts, culinary events and other City events while allowing traffic circulation on the one-way streets bordering it.  The streets could also be closed for activities or events to create a pedestrian-only gathering place allowing use of streets, central landscaped greens and parkway areas. 

In addition to creating a central gathering place for residents to enjoy, the revitalization of Glendora Avenue will help attract foot traffic and customers to the local businesses along Glendora Avenue and promote economic activity. The investment the City proposes to make in the public infrastructure demonstrates to developers, and the real estate industry, the City’s dedication to creating a downtown for the community and its commitment to realizing that vision.

Environmental Documents for Glendora Avenue Revitalization Project

Mitigated Negative Declaration

Notice of Intent

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