The City of West Covina continues to monitor the public health situation associated with COVID-19 and is taking necessary precautions due to the heighten concerns over the spread of COVID-19.  

As the health and safety of our residents is of paramount importance, the City of West Covina has closed City Hall to the public and suspended all City-sponsored events until further notice.  In addition, several City facilities have been temporary closed.  Please note the City Hall has been reopened to the public.  For more information please visit the City’s webpage: Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Homeless Encampment Solutions

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The City of West Covina has various resources to assist with

the homeless population within our city.

Below you will find more information on how we as citizens

can assist the City with our growing population of homelessness and items

that might arrise within our community. 


Have you seen a Homeless Encampment? You can now report them to Homeless Encampments – CalTrans and Los Angeles County’s Response Programs as follows:

Reports of homeless encampments on the Interstate 10 or onramps/offramps may be reported to CalTrans by going online to and clicking on “Customer Service Request” and from the drop down menu clicking on “Illegal Encampment” and then typing in the address/location or by calling (213) 897-3656.    

Reports of encampments in Los Angeles County areas may be reported to the nearby Sheriff’s Field Station.  They will coordinate with their Homeless Response Team to remove the encampments:

  • Encampments to the east side of the City, reports may be filed with the Walnut-Diamond Bar Station at (909) 595-2264 or (626) 913-1715.

  • Encampments to the south side of the City, reports may be filed with the Industry Sheriff’s Station at (626) 330-3322.


We thank you for helping us make the City of West Covina a better community.